Motorcycle Figurine - Dirtbike Wheelie

Motorcycle Figurine - Dirtbike Wheelie


Here is a Motorcycle Figurine, a dirtbike doing a wheelie!


This sculpture is built entirely from car parts and is a one-off, unique item.


The off road motorcycle design is riding across a connecting rod from an engine - which also serves as a secure base for this piece of art.


Measuring at around 9.5 inches tall, and 11 inches long, this figurine will be the perfect addition to the office of shelf of a dirtbike enthusiast! 


This piece is built utilizing a connecting rod, a BMW cam gear and timing chain, cylinder head bolts, an engine lifter, an engine rocker and push rod, as well as various nuts and bolts. 


This is the only one of these available, please check out my other items for more interesting automotive decor!